Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FUEMS Haunted House!

On Saturday, October 30 we hosted a haunted house as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters event held on campus. There were approximately 30 children who came to our office for a little spook!

Sadly, I have no pictures to post of it.. :(

My favorite part was when some of the young boys went in with a "tougher than nails" attitude and came out clinging to one of the "Big Sisters," (who incidentally was scarred just as much herself).

The ghouls inside made about 5-10 kids cry, but everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

National Collegiate EMS Week

National Collegiate EMS Week starts next week.

We are going to be participating in National Collegiate CPR Day to kick off the week. On Monday at 7:00pm we are going to have a general familiarization/information session about CPR for members of the Fordham community who are not FUEMS members. While it will not be a certification process, we will take the time to familiarize the laypersons with the basics of CPR and how they can be most helpful in cardiac/respiratory arrest.

Additionally, we are working toward having actual CPR trainings offered through the organization soon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exciting Calls

Over the past few weeks there have been a couple of calls where the excellent care of our members really stands out.

MVA- There was a car accident at the corner of Southern Boulevard and Fordham Road in which a sedan was wedged between a bus stop and the Bronx Zoo fence. Prompt response by McFarland, Krasner, and Cheng and their cooperation with the local NYPD precinct, FDNY, FDNY EMS, and NYPD ESU led to the extrication of both passengers and their transport to St Barnabas. One of the patients was transported by our crew and the other patient by a city ambulance.

Overdose- With the rise in prescription drug abuse in the country, we are expecting to see even more of these. The quick response and proper care provided by our crew saved a patient who had overdosed on methadone. ALS intercept was called, but the packaging of the patient was finished before their arrival and the crew chose to rapidly transport the patient to the hospital instead. The ED staff (and the narcan) quickly had the patient talking once again.

BoGards- One crew had the opportunity to cruise around the NY botanical gardens with a NYPD and Parks escort to reach a patient in the bowels of the gardens. I hear it was exciting. Again, great cooperation with the NYPD and the NY Parks led to quality treatment and transport.

New Year... New People...

Thus far this year we have had 20 EMT's return and ride from last year's class, pretty good retention numbers, all things considered. Hopefully they will continue learning and improving, and we will have 20 new crew chiefs in no time at all!

Over 60 people applied for membership at the beginning of the 10-11 academic year. The attendant classes just finished last week, so those new people are starting to ride on the ambulance now! We have only seen great things from them so far. There are also quite a few who have decided to work towards being a driver. At least five people currently training to be a driver.

We're Back!

There haven't been any posts in quite some time, but I am going to try to get back up to date here-

The current officer staff:
Chief of Operations-Dave Hartnett
Captain- Lauren Prescott
Lieutenant- Mike Diaz
Lieutenant- Steve Mennona
Lieutenant- John McFarland
Director- Anthony Landi
Associate Director- Elizabeth Granato
Executive- Chris Lewis
Executive- Alex Krasner

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Congratulations to the new 2009-2010 officer staff! The new staff took over shortly after elections on Tuesday, April 7, at 0000. 

09-10 Administrative Staff
91 Anthony Landi, Director
92 Sarah Turk, Assoc. Director
93 Jordan Schwartzberg, Executive
94 Chris Lewis, Executive
95 Pete Laskey, Executive

09-10 Medical Staff
81 Dave Hartnett, Chief
82 Anthony Massey, Captain
83 Alex Krasner, Lieutenant
84 Steve Mennona, Lieutenant
85 Mike Diaz, Lieutenant

Congratulations to the new staff, and thank you staff of 08-09 for all your hard work and many hours spent over the past year to get this organization to the state it is at today!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009